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Poster on how to read a fertilizer label is free
Handy tips on applying nutrients to home and school gardens


When planting in the same location from one season to the next, or growing trees over a period of years, it is important to replace the nutrients plants utilize from the soil. But when you go to the store, what fertilizer do you pick? How do you read the label? This poster provides a general overview of how to read a fertilizer label as well as some handy tips on applying fertilizers at home and at school. One poster free of charge.

For your free copy, place your order with Jill Miller at Click here to view and download an
8 1/2 by 11 inch printable copy of the poster.

CFF "Fertilizer Bags" Are Educational and Free!
        These 12" x 15" plastic bags developed by the California Fertilizer Foundation look like fertilizer bags when filled with goodies gathered at ag days or special ag-related events. The bag itself is an educational tool teaching readers about what the three numbers on a fertilizer label mean.

Send Your Requests to:

 Jill Miller, Director of Programs

Include the date and title of the event, contact name and phone number, quantity, as well as a UPS shipping address, and a description of how these bags will be used. Quantities are limited and will only be provided to programs that educate youth about agriculture. Click here to see a bag sample.

DPR writes article about managing pests in schools.

Other resources about DPR's IPM programs

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